Challenges in Christian Life

Everyone may have to go through difficult phases in life. The intensity of the problems may vary, however it is for sure that we may have to face the problems. Holy Bible teaches us that, for a believer who is born-again in Christ, there is no ‘problem’ but challenges. These challenges faced by a believer are designed to push us to the next level of faith in Lord Jesus Christ and his ministry. Well once we are called and separated; we become a part of his ministry. This is rather a privilege for those who believe in Christ. However, even an experienced or seasoned believer may not be ready to accept the fact that these challenges are allowed in our life to measure our faith and move us to the next level. Rather we may start complaining for the bad experiences, problems, rejections, etc. 
The fact of the matter is, when we accept Jesus Christ as our personal savior and Lord, from that moment we know that we have to face these challenges. Till then, we were under the influence of the enemy and for sure he will target you for getting out of his control. Again, even an experienced believer can get under the influence of the enemy anytime just like Peter.

Therefore it is important for us to consciously safe guard our minds at all times from any influence from enemy. Enemy uses any medium to influence our mind to deviate us from God’s word. This is when we start complaining against these challenges, since we become weak in the knowledge of the word of God. Meditating the word of God at the onset of a challenge will help us to find the suitable Bible verses to defend the enemy. So, when we face a challenge, first of all, we should talk to our mind. We should tell our mind, that God is in control and tell it to calm down. Then sit in the feet of God with the Holy Bible and talk to God, tell Him your challenges. Then He will guide you, support you and strengthen you with his everlasting word. God’s promises in the Holy Bible are for us. It is up to us to explore it and believe it will work for you.      
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