Our right attitude towards worship

Genuine attitude towards worship of God is fast disappearing. What we see these days are more of need based worship and prayer. However, is conveying our need to God is correct or not is still debatable. And it is not my subject of discussion here. Focusing more on conveying our needs rather than worshiping Him and praying to God with a pure heart, will not fulfill the will of God.

Our desires are unending. We will start yearning for another desire as soon as we fulfill one desire. Materialism has taken a deep root in our lives. The desire for materialistic goods is one big reason we move away from God. When we face with a heart break because of non-fulfillment of all our wants and desires will tempt us to complain.

There is a big deference between need, want and desire. I would like to explain it through a simple example. When I am thirst, what I need is water. But my want is cold water or refrigerated water. However my desire is to drink refrigerated water sold by Aquafina brand. Some may argue that drinking refrigerated water sold by Aquafina brand is safer than normal water drawn out from a well in my backyard. Still I can fulfill my need of quenching my thirst by just drinking normal water drawn out from a well in my backyard. 
Let us therefore revisit our priority when we worship God and pray to Him. Holy Bible promises us that God knows our needs and He will take care of it. God is our creator and knows well about each our needs more than what we know and He provides us the same at the right time.

What we need to do is to give thanks to God for each and everything in our life. Be it a thing we like or not. Our gratitude should be genuine. If we keep an attitude of thanks giving, God will sooner or later change our situation for good. Let’s trust in Him. Our God is a good God.
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