Dilemma: Worshiping God in mother language or not

Worshiping God in truth and spirit is one of the main responsibilities of a born-again Christian. Worshiping God has a predominant place in the life of a Christian. It is like breathing to her. Truly involved worship will ease stress and shows the dependence on God for His grace. Worship is not only singing songs during a Sunday service in Church or during a cottage meeting, but it should be in every moment in our life. True worship is remembering God's greatness, mercy towards us and the blessings we have received because of His eternal love and grace.

This is one reason I prefer to worship in my mother tongue. Even though I was born and bought up in Kerala, now I live in Delhi to work and support my family. My mother tongue is Malayalam which is the official language of Kerala, however the church which I attend worship the Lord in Hindi language, the official language of Delhi. Am I satisfied after worshiping in Hindi language? The answer is No.

Then why am I sacrificing my satisfaction and continuing to attend a church which uses Hindi as a medium of worship? The answer is to win souls who speak Hindi. I believe that my sacrifice will help me to communicate to my fellow Delhities in Hindi and show them the love of God.    

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